Surfing the Holonet (Online Resources)

At From 4-LOM to Zuckuss we love to share our passion for Star Wars action figures and appreciate those sites and publications that do the same.  The following is a list of some of the best websites, podcasts and forums  the online community has to offer in regards to Star Wars figures.  If you have or know of a fan, resource or visual guide website please contact us on our Facebook  page as we would love to hear about it.

Visual Guides – Online  – A Star Wars Action Figure Archive

“ exists to help you look up Star Wars figures and provide detailed information about them. The website was built with collectors in mind, who want to look up figures, check out pictures, read reviews and get detailed information such as accessory counts, articulation counts, release year, date stamp and much, much more!

In addition to individual entries for each figure, you can compare any Star Wars figure in our system with any another figure by using the comparison tool.” – The Star Wars Collector Archive

“Launched in 1994, the Star Wars Collectors Archive was the first Star Wars collecting site on the Internet. It was created with the goal of bridging the geographical gaps between collectors in a way that is fun, educational and easily accessible. What you will find here is the sum total of many collectors’ experiences, made possible by the contributions of individuals, and presented with dedication to the integrity and continued growth of the hobby. So sit back, grab your mouse, and take a tour through some of the finest Star Wars collections in the world.” – Star Wars Action Figure Archive (Vintage and Modern) – Visual Guides (Vintage and Modern) – HD Photo Gallery (Modern) – Toy Guide (Modern) – Vintage Guide (Vintage) – Star Wars Toys Page (Vintage) – Star Wars Vintage Action Figure Variation Guide – Vintage Restoration Video Guides – Image Bank (Vintage and Modern) – Vintage Weapons and Accessories Guide – Collecting Star Tour Figures – Vintage Guides to Mailers, Coins and more – Vintage Carded Trilogo Figure Guide – Guide to “Uzay” Vintage Turkish Star Wars Figure Bootlegs – Guide to Lily Ledy Variants

Mr Vintage Star Wars – Vintage Figure, Weapons and Cardback Resource Archive


Informational Sources – Online – The Official Site

Galaxy of Toys Podcast – A discussion of Star Wars Toys new and old – Figure Reviews, Interviews and News – Vintage and Modern Checklists – Carded Variant Master Lists (Modern) – TAC Coin Matrix & Legacy Collection Build-a-Droid Part Matrix – Figure Reviews by Adam Pawlus – Modern Hasbro Action Figure Count – Vintage interviews, limelights and reviews

RetroBlasting – Star Wars Video Restoration Guides and Vintage Figures “Follies”

Star Wars Collectors Galaxy – Star Wars Collecting Podcast