Sister Lines


The following is a chronological list of Star Wars action figure related toys and accessories that originated from other toys lines or were later used in non-Star Wars lines.  We call these “Sister Lines” as they share the same Vader…I mean creator!

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1980 – The Real West (Kenner)

  • The Creature Cantina Action Playset was repurposed as the Western Cafe Action Playset.

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1981 – Glamour Gals (Kenner)

  • The Collector’s Action Stand Mail-Away found another life as a Glamour Gals Collector’s Fashion Stand Mail-In-Offer.
Image courtesy of Diary of a Dorkette

Image courtesy of Diary of a Dorkette

1982 – The Adventures of Indiana Jones (Kenner)


Image courtesy of Matt George

1991 – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Kenner)

1995 – Dragonheart (Kenner)

1999 – Star Wars Episode 1 Micro Machines (Hasbro)

2003 – GI Joe: A Real American Hero vs. Cobra – Spy Troops (Hasbro)

2005 – Revenge of the Sith (Tomy)

2005 – Star Wars (Pride Displays)

  • Action Figure Display Diorama = Land of the Jawas Action Playset, Creature Cantina Action Playset & Action Display Stand

2006 – The Legacy Collection (Tomy)

2007 – GI Joe: A Real American Hero – The 25th Anniversary (Hasbro)

2007 – The 30th Anniversary Collection (Tomy)

2007 – Indiana Jones (Hasbro)

2009 – The Official GI Joe Collectors’ Club Exclusive (Hasbro)

2010 – The Official GI Joe Collectors’ Club Exclusive (Hasbro)

2012 – Kenner 1/6th Scale Jumbo Action Figures (Gentle Giants)

  • entire series = Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and The Power of the Force figures/playsets

2013 – Alien ReAction (Super 7)

2014 – Star Wars Life-Size Vintage Monument (Gentle Giant)

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