New Mini Displays from Boutros77

DSC_0953One of our favorite Star Wars action figure diorama builders, the extremely talented Boutros77 sends us an update with his latest creations.  His newest batch includes an Original Trilogy, a Prequel Trilogy (which is awesome and rare from the artist) and an Original Jones Trilogy (still ignoring Crystal Skull for the time being) mini display.

You can find more of Boutros77’s work in the links below and you can read our Fans of Force Figures exclusive interview with him here.

Hello all,
Hope you’re keeping well.

Before getting onto the next big project, I’d like to update with a few mini environments.
A mini Dagobah style marsh land, The entrance to Palpatines study, & I think my personal favorite, the Grail display.
I’ve attached a few images, but you can see more in the flickr gallery…

As always, commissions are welcome.

Thanks for your continued support,
May the Force be with You,








Until next time,

May the Figures by with you!