Jocasta’s Reference Desk (Publications)

jrdHere at From 4-LOM to we love to share our passion for Star Wars action figures and appreciate the books and publications which do the same.  The following is a list of some of the best books and magazines the community has to offer in regards to Star Wars figures. Below you will find publications that include Star Wars action figure content ranging from visual guides to price guides, the making of to the impact and detailed histories to fun facts.

If you have or know of a resource or visual guide publication please contact Joscasta on our Facebook  page or by email at as she would love to add it to her reference desk.


Coining a Galaxy – A Guide to Kenner’s Star Wars Coins by James Gallo and Mark Salotti

Gus and Duncan’s Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles by Duncan Jenkins & Gus Lopez

Gus and Duncan’s Guide to Star Wars Prototypes by Duncan Jenkins & Gus Lopez

La French Touch: History of French Star Wars Merchandising 1977-1986 by Stephane Faucourt (2013)

Meccano to Trilogo: French to European Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Toys by Stephane Faucourt (2006)

Star Wars 1,000 Collectibles – Memorabilia and Stories From A Galaxy Far, Far Away by Stephen J. Sansweet with Anne Neumann

Star Wars Action Figure Database Vol. 1-6 by Takuya Kubo (printed in Japanese)

Star Wars: From Concept to Screen to Collectible by Stephen J. Sansweet (1992)

Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book, 2nd Edition by Geoffrey T. Carlton (2003)

Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive by Eimei Takeda and Seiji Takahashi (1997) (printed in Japanese)

Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive Edited by Stephen J. Sansweet with Josh Ling (1999)

Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection by Stephen J. Sansweet

Star Wars Toys: A Super Collector’s Wish Book by Geoffrey T. Carlton (2012)

Star Wars Vintage Action Figures: A Guide for Collectors by John Kellerman

The Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book by Geoffrey T. Carlton (2011)

Tomart’s Encyclopedia & Price Guide to Action Figure Collectible Vol. 3 Star Wars – Zybots by Bill Sikora and T.M. Tumbusch

Tomart’s Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles by Stephen J. Sansweet & T.N. Tumbusch (1994)

Tomart’s Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles, 2nd Edition by Stephen J. Sansweet & T.N. Tumbusch (1997)

The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures 1977-1985 by Mark Bellomo (2014)


Action Figure News & Toy Review Guide to Collecting Loose Figures, Volume 1 by Lee Publications (1995)

Cool & Collected by Big Fish Design

  • Issue Winter 2013: “Boba Fett” by Jason “Poe Ghostal” Clarke &

Jedi Quest Kids Club Magazine by Hasbro (Issues #1-3) (2000)

Star Wars Insider Magazine by The Fan Club, Inc. (Issues #23-50), by Wizards of the Coast (Issues #51-61), by Paizo Publishing (Issues #62-76), by IDG Entertainment (Issues #77-92), by Titan Magazines (Issues #93-present)

Star Wars Galaxy Collector by Topps Publishing (1998-1999)

  • Issue #1: “Around the Galaxy” by David Pipgras and Martin Thurn; “The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker” by Bob Woods
  • Issue #2: “Rescued from the Trash Heap of History” by Steve Sansweet; “Kenner Action Figures” (price guide) by Josh Ling; “Newborn Concepts” by Gus Lopez
  • Issue #3: “Back Talk” by Chris Fawcett; “Expansion Team”; “Go Figure” by David Pipgras; “The Empire Strikes Boch” by Gus Lopez
  • Issue #4: “Teaser Toys” by Bob Woods; “Customizers in their Own Words” by Sean Aune; “Mini Catalogs Reveal Maximum Treasures” by Steve Sansweet; “Kenner Action Figures” (price guide) by Josh Ling; “Star Wars Widevision: The Special Additions” by Marc Patten
  • Issue #5: “Friend of Faux?” by Chris Georgoulias; “Kenner Toy Fair Catalogs are Hot Commodities” by Steve Sansweet; “Kenner Vehicle Price Guide” by Josh Ling
  • Issue #6: “Hasbro 1999 Collection” (2-sided Bonus Poster); “Special (FX)tions” by R.J. Bedard; Watto’s Workshop”
  • Issue #7: “Royal Air Force” by Bob Woods
  • Issue #8: “Mexican Stand Off” by Todd Chamberlain; “Market Wars” by Matt Brady; “Star Wars Action Figure Price Guide” by Josh Ling

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine by Topps Publishing (1994-1997)

  • Issue #2: “Tales of Phantom Toys” by Steve Sansweet
  • Issue #3: “Strange Tales of Collecting Aliens” by Steve Sansweet
  • Issue #4: “Kenner Figures Rights” by Bob Woods; “The Empire Sells Outs!” by Steve Sansweet
  • Issue #6: “Going Global” by Steve Sansweet
  • Issue #8: “For Kenner, the Force is as Strong the Second Time” by Steve Sansweet; “Stamp it First Class, to Coin a Phrase” by Steve Sansweet; “Coin & Stamp Price List” by Josh Ling; “On-Line with Gus(to)” by Steve Sansweet

The Star Wars Kids, Sampler Issue by The Fan Club, Inc. (1998)

The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine by The Lucasfilm Fan Club, Inc. (Issues #1-22)

The Official Guide to Star Wars Toys by Topps Publishing

ToyFare by Wizard Press

  • Issue Winter Special Edition: “The Power of the Force” by Josh Michlig (1996)
  • Issue #64: “Unfinished Business” by Matthew Saunders (2002)
  • Issue #119: “Robin the Grave” by Brendan McGinley (2007)


Collect Them All: Confessions of a Recovering Action Figure Thief by Kurt Vonn Guzman

Collect All 21!: Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek – The First 30 Years by John Boot

…and many more yet to come!