Collecting Resources

Gold 5’s Report

“A visual database of officially announced upcoming action figures” 

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3 3/4″ Action Figure Checklists

“Checklists for Hasbro’s 3 3/4″ Action Figure Lines”

6″  Action Figure Checklists

“Checklists for the each of Hasbro’s 6″ lines”


12″ Action Figure Checklists

“Checklists for Modern ‘Hero Series’ Figures. (Vintage and Collector Series Checklists coming soon!)”


Disney’s Droid Factory Guide

“A guide for Disney’s exclusive Build-a-Droid Astromechs.”


Hero Masher Visual Guide


The Collector’s Calendar

“An up-to-date calendar of all figure releases, debuts and major Star Wars related events. 


Jocasta’s Reference Desk

“A list of Star Wars action figure related publications.”


Surfing the Holonet

“A list of websites, podcasts and online forums relating to Star Wars figures.”

Speaking Bocce

“A glossary of common Star Wars and action figure collecting terms.”

Marvel’s Action Figure Variant Cover Checklist

“A visual guide and checklist for each issue released”

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Event Coverage

“Exclusive coverage of Star Wars conventions and events.”


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