Merry X-Mas Eve

Merry X-Mas Eve
This may be one of the last non-centered Star Wars Christmases for a long while to come. So since we are expecting very little in the way of new Star Wars toys under the tree this year we thought we would cast a wist to Santa for a repeat of one of our favorite all-time Christmas ...

Galaxy of Toys’ Exclusive Interview with Mark Bellomo

Galaxy of Toys' Exclusive Interview with Mark Bellomo
This week Jason and the hosts of Galaxy of Toys Podcast had a chance to speak with author Mark Bellomo about his new Star Wars action figure guide. Last month saw the release of Bellomo’s The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures 1977-1985 which sold out of its first printing and just begun its ...

Galaxy of Toys and the Vehicles of ’81 & ’82

Galaxy of Toys and the Vehicles of '81 & '82
In our newest episode we are joined by Jerry from Star Wars Action News Podcast to discuss the vehicles and accessories from The Empire Strikes Back. Jerry, who’s well known for his “Vintage Viewpoints”, shares his history and thoughts on these toys from ’81 and ’82. Jason and the co-hosts (Tom, Chris, Ryan and Jake) also ...

Marvel & Hasbro – Could There be More to Come?

Marvel & Hasbro  - Could There be More to Come?
Over the last week, we have been just thrilled to see some of the newest variant covers for Marvel’s Star Wars #1.  The new series is set to debut in January with no less than 39 (and counting) different covers so far. It goes without saying that the one that has got us giddy with excitement was ...

A 5POA Stormtrooper Glance

A 5POA Stormtrooper Glance
The recently released Saga Legends Rebels line has brought longtime collectors their newest version of a 5 Points of Articulation Stormtrooper.  This limited articulated line which has been met with apprehension from many modern collectors, is a worthy nod to a much simpler (but also then revolutionary) form of action figure. The original Stormtrooper was part of ...

The Imperial Troop Transport(er)/Cruiser

The Imperial Troop Transport(er)/Cruiser
Thanks to we now have the first boxed images of the new Imperial Troop Transport.  As long time collectors and fans will know, this marks the third version of this vehicle to appear as a Star Wars action figure vehicle. The first arrived in Kenner’s 1978 Star Wars line as the “Imperial Troop Transporter”.  The ...

Happy Life Day!

Happy Life Day!
It’s that time of year again where we gather with our friends and family to celebrate the promise of the Tree of Life. Happy Life Day everyone from your friends at! For the last 36 years fans have had the privilege of celebrating the traditions first seen on the Star Wars Holiday Special.  We ...

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween wishes you a Happy Halloween! May all your trick & treating fun lead you safely back home! For more Holiday Greetings check out our “4LOMKUSS Labs Presents: Fun with Figures“!    

Retroblasting’s Kenner X-Wing Restoration – Part 2

Retroblasting's Kenner X-Wing Restoration - Part 2
Melinda and Michael return to the task of restoring a Kenner vintage X-Wing in the second part of their latest Retroblasting series. To view all of their Star Wars follies and restoration videos, check out our Retroblasting: The Star Wars Episodes page in our Featured Sections. Until next time, May the Figures be with you!

“SARLACC 20″ & Galaxy of Toys Returns

Last month SARLACC (Seattle Area Lucasfilm Artifact Collector Club) celebrated their 20th Anniversary.  To celebrate the occasion, the collecting club hosted a three-day event which consisted of toys runs, trivia contests and the viewing of some of the most amazing Star Wars collections in the area.  Now Seattle is becoming no stranger to epic Star ...