“This will be a day long remembered…”

So who do we thank – Kenner for taking a chance or Twentieth Century Fox for being so convincing! Thanks to Andrew’s Toyz for sharing the significance of this day.

15,000 Vintage Polish Bootlegs…wait you meant $15,000!

15,000 Vintage Polish Bootlegs...wait you meant $15,000!
The site Polish Star Wars Collector has posted some great pics of some of the earliest bootleg figures to be released after the infamous Turkish Uzay bootlegs.  Pictured above is the first wave to be released (in 1980) and therefore some of the rarest out there.  They even have them for sale if you are ...

Official Poster for TROROTJ

Official Poster for TROROTJ
Super fans of the force Kyle Newman and Paul Bateman have just released a fantastic poster for Newman’s hilarious star tribute to Return of the Jedi.  Encircled by vintage ROTJ figures this poster is a great tribute in and of itself as it is modeled after the classic 1-year anniversary poster for A New Hope. ...

The Vintage Death Star You Never Had…But Now Can!

The Vintage Death Star You Never Had...But Now Can!
Lego customizer Eric “Baron Sat” Druon has created his own version of the Death Star. Baron Sat’s version is based on the vintage cardboard Death Star playset released in 1978. This vintage cardboard Death Star playset was not released in the United States and as such is missing from many a collection.  It was released ...

Vintage Era Action Figure Checklists Now Online

We have updated our Action Figure Checklists to include the five Kenner vintage series!  Click the link at the top of the page to check them out!