Solo’s 12″ Captain Phasma, She’s Real!

Solo's 12
After being teased for months on the 12″ reissues of Wal*Mart’s exclusive R2-D2 and BB-8 in SOLO packaging, we now have confirmation of Captain Phasma’s existence. Thanks to  collector and all around great guy Paul Van Dyk, this 12″ reissue (from The Force Awakens line) has been found in Canada. We expect that just like the two Astromech ...

Interviews with Hamill & Figures

Interviews with Hamill & Figures
On March 21st, 1997 Mark Hamill was still on this Special Edition promo tour when he stopped by The Big Breakfast, Channel 4’s morning interview show in the UK. Throughout the interview, Hamill shares his knowledge of Star Wars toys while showing off some vintage and modern figures and vehicles. Featured in the clip is ...

Birthday Scavenger Hunt – Day 6: T-Shirts & 12″

Birthday Scavenger Hunt - Day 6: T-Shirts & 12
As we enter Day 5 of my Birthday Scavenger Hunt make to look over the details on how to play and how to enter to win all of the toys in the prize box by visiting Day 1’s entry. I have a deep love for Star Wars t-shirts. My Mother keeps me in steady supply as ...

Solo: A Star Wars Story 12″ Figure Update

Solo: A Star Wars Story 12
Thanks to Canadian collector Paul Van Dyke, we have received images of the latest 12″ Hero figures which have shown up in Canada. Although unannounced by Hasbro and Wal*mart, the mega-retailer now has an exclusive wave which features three previously released figures. For a look at very modern 5POA 12″ figure released to date, check out ...

Where are the 12″ Figures!?!

Where are the 12
We here at have a guilty pleasure in our collecting habits which is that we love the modern 12″ Star Wars figure line! Since the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story in April we have not had the typically 2-3 waves and store exclusives that accompany a film’s release. To date, the only 12″ ...

Solo: A Collecting Guide

Solo: A Collecting Guide
Welcome to Solo: A Collecting Guide your resource for all the information, checklists and reveals pertaining to the Hasbro action figures and toys from Solo: A Star Wars Story! Here you will also find a downloadable and printable “Pocket Guide” checklist to take with you for all your future Solo/Black Series/Vintage Collection 2 toy runs!

Solo: A Star Wars Story Hasbro Press Release

Solo: A Star Wars Story Hasbro Press Release
Today we received an official press release and images from Hasbro for this Friday’s (April 13th) product release for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Look for our official Solo: A Collecting Guide to drop this coming Wednesday! Of note from this press release is new images of Han’s Landspeeder and Moloch, the reveal of Rebolt ...

Hasbro’s Celebration Booth – First Look

Hasbro's Celebration Booth - First Look
We were able to get an early look at Hasbro’s Celebration Orlando show floor booth.  While other than showing off their latest action figure and toy offerings, Hasbro has gone all out in showing their love for the history of the action figure line. The 40th Anniversary of Star Wars and Hasbro’s long legacy of ...

Forces of Destiny Adventure Figures Press Release

Forces of Destiny Adventure Figures Press Release
In what appears to be a direct reaction to the “Where’s Rey?” controversy of 2015, Disney and Lucasfilm have teamed with Hasbro to create a line of 11″ “adventure” figures to accompany a new animated series of shorts which will debut this Summer. The figures in this line appear to include much more than the 5POA ...

New 12″ Hero Series Vehicle Multipack

New 12
This past month, Collectors in the UK have been treated to an unannounced 12″ Hero Series vehicle multipack. The set consists of what appears to be a repack of the 12″ Darth Vader that has been a part of the modern 12″ line since 2013 and a repaint of last year’s Biker Scout and Speeder ...